Agree that Globalization leads to inequality.


Globalisation integrates economies ,societies and culture through communication transportation and trade . However, whilst globalisation has many benefits,such as investment and economic growth, technology transfer ,migration,trade and cultural exchange ,it does not benefit all individuals, groups and countries equally.


Globalisation leads to inequality. Do you agree?

Write this essay as following
Body one include references with two articles and one book to support Body two another three references; two articles and one book to support.

You should cover:

1- historical and current background information to the essay question
2- definition of key concepts in the essay question
3- thesis statement
4- preview of the essay to support the thesis.

Follow up with the attached references, no other references recommended. Please don t forget to mention the page number and the year on each reference on the essay; eg: (Ogawa, 2008 p. 133)

could you please find the attached files and follow up with them. the resources should be 2007 to 2011

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