advince network system

The assignment will be marked out of 100 and then scaled to 20%. Each activity will have a number of marks attached to it – this number will vary according to the complexity of the activity. You may submit as many activities as you wish but cannot be awarded more than 100 marks for the whole assignment – your best marks will be counted if you submit extra work.

Each activity will require evidence of original work to be submitted.

If you cannot show, through the captures or other evidence required, that you completed the activity the report will not be marked.

each topics have a number of marks attached to it.

for example :

Advanced Apache exercise – 40 Marks
2108/6108 Task

This exercise involves configuring your Apache server to provide an https service and demonstrating secure access.

Setup an Apache server
Create certificates as in the topic 9 lab
Configure your Apache server to use the certificate

Submit the following:
A brief report
A packet capture on the https port that clearly shows your server accepting the connection and negotiating security

ACL Investigations – 20 marks
Network file system – 20 marks
Advanced DHCP – 10 marks
Elementary Apache exercise – 10 Marks
40+20+20+10+10 =100

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