Advertising Portfolio- Little World Beverages beers.

Concept Development & Copywriting

Semester project (total 45 points)

The Portfolio will contain:

A. The communications concepts: 25 points

(1) Revised Brief (5 pts)

(2) On the basis of the Brief, you will develop a campaign comprising of six executions of advertising (with copy) for the client from the following: (20 pts)

The campaign must include
• at least one newspaper or magazine print ad (100 word copy);
• broadcast ad (radio or TV) (:30 commercial);
• online web site content, banner ads;
• out-of-home advertising – billboards, transit, ambient (dimensions / specs);
• social media campaign – installation, flashmob, event etc.;
• interactive ad – create one execution of a non-traditional media or interactive communications nature. Thoroughly describe each execution including format, content, access or location and intended impact or interaction with the consumer (250 words).

The concepts do not need to be produced (in other words, you do not have to shoot a TV commercial!), but must be fully laid out either on computer or hand drawn to scale and clearly presented with all elements that will appear in or on the finished ad.

Storyboards (9 frames) are necessary for the TV commercial; standard radio copy format is needed for radio. Templates will be provided for these and must be used.

B. The rationale (20 points)

(1) For each execution (six), write 250 words defending your choices of visual and written elements, music, layout etc. depending on the execution;
(2) Use proper terminology that we have discussed to justify your choices.

The communication executions (written and visual) must work together to create an integrated message and address the requirements of the Brief. You are not assessed on the quality of design, illustrations, etc. You are assessed on how well your ads adhere to the guidelines set out in the Brief, how successfully they exhibit cohesion and integration, and how precisely they address the audience.

Correct spelling and grammar are paramount. All work must be typed and submitted in hard copy in an A4 or A3 folio.

Due Friday, 15 May 2011 by 3 pm or before. Late penalties apply.

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