Actor-Network Theory vs The Theory of the Social Construction of Technology

You need to write a 1500 word essay answering the following question:

How does Actor-Network Theory differ from the theory of the Social Construction of Technology? What do you think are the primary strengths and weaknesses of each theory?

Criteria for Assessment

Your assignment will be marked according to how well you:
Address the question as set
Present a coherent argument
Engage the reader and effectively communicate
Engages critically and meaningfully with relevant unit readings
Selects and incorporates relevant secondary material
Follows conventions of referencing (APA), grammar and expression appropriate for an academic writing

Wyatt, Sally. (2007) ‘Technological Determinism Is Dead; Long Live Technological Determinism’ in Hacket, J. Amsterdamska, O. Lynch, M. & Wajcman J. The Handbook of Science and Technology Studies. Massachusetts: MIT Press . Available online:

This provides a good overview of theories of technological determinism and their critiques

Jordan, Tim (2009) ‘Hacking and Power: Social and technologic determinism in the digital age’ First Monday,Vol 17, No 6. 6 July.

This places technological determinism more within both an Internet, and institutional context

Potts, John (2008) ‘Who’s Afraid of Technological Determinism? Another Look at Medium Theory’ Fibreculture. Issue 12.

This article argues to an extent that technological determinism isn’t such a bad thing, and starts to introduce some other theories such as Actor Network Theory

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