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Coursework Assignment: Spring 2012

“Government pressure is building on Royal Bank of Scotland’s board to announce that the chief executive Stephen Hester is to receive a significantly reduced bonus….
….The board of the bank, led by the chairman Sir Philip Hampton, are adamant that Mr Hester deserves a bonus, for the way he has significantly reduced the risks taken by the organisation and made it less vulnerable to external shocks (such as a potential meltdown of the Eurozone).”
BBC Website: “Pressure on RBS to announce slashed Hester bonus” Robert Peston – 25th January 2012

“Reward Structures in pre-crisis financial institutions were short termist and encouraged risk taking behaviour.”
Evaluate this statement and with reference to the course material and a review of recent relevant literature, suggest a new improved reward structure for financial institutions.
– In addressing this requirement you should research appropriate literature to help develop your arguments.
– Your discussion should be supported by appropriate academic and professional comment.
– You are required to submit your assignment via Turnitin
– You will be allowed one trial submission to check your work for plagiarism prior to your final submission
– Must be set out in Harvard style referencing

Your work should be word processed & should be approx. 3000 words excluding references.

Also note the assessment guidance attached.

 Core Texts:
 Merchant & Van der Stede- Management Control Systems 2nd ed
 Hopper, Scapens & Northcott – Issues in Management Accounting 3rd ed
 Robert Anthony & Vijay Govindarajan – Management Conterol Systems 11/12th ed

Coursework Assignment ~ Assessment Guidance

1 2 3 4 5
Poor expression and Communication, transitions between points in essay, introduction Presentation
Excellent. Well communicated
Clarity of purpose
Clumsily written, rambling. Coherence, paragraphs should work to support the essay Clarity of purpose
Fluid and logically developed
Content & Knowledge
Poor knowledge of key associated topics demonstrated
Poor use of relevant theory
Fails to show appreciation of boundaries and limitations. Content & Knowledge
Excellent demonstration of knowledge, use of relevant theory and appreciation of limitations and boundaries

Cognitive ability Poor analysis and reasoning
Theoretical underpinning Development of argument Conclusion Cognitive ability
Focussed discussion of relevant issues
Methodology (research and referencing, use of examples)
Research not relevant. Poor referencing. Methodology (research andreferencing)
Referenced to range of good sources.
Transferable Skills originalitycreativity
Little creativity and originality Transferable Skillsoriginalitycreativity
Rationale developed. Original and creative
General Comments

Clear structure;
Appropriately expressed and presented;
Utilisation of relevant diagrams if appropriate;

Assignment requirements fully recognised and addressed.

Knowledge of key associated topics demonstrated;
Relevant theory and literature utilised;
Possible limitations and boundaries appreciated;

Application of critical analysis;
Synthesis of concepts with potential applications;
Well grounded conclusions.

Evidence of relevant secondary and, where generated, primary research.

Effective debate and discussion;
Rationale for ‘conclusions’ explained.

Word processed format only;
Maximum 3000 words – please ensure your assignment incorporates a word count.
Due date ~ 16th March 2012.


*******Note: if you complete your work by following the requirement s then you will receive exemplary marks

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