accident and catastrophe

This assignment is comparison between two nuclear accidents : Chernobyl and three miles island .including Poster.
Analyse the case studies showing what happened, how it happened and why it happened. What losses were incurred? Look at the similarities of the two accidents/ catastrophes, compare the differences and discuss the consequences of each of the accidents/ catastrophes. Discuss the investigation that took place, who did the investigation, when and what did it reveal?
Analyse the human factors that contributed to the large loss of life in each case and analyse what factors were the same and which were different. Discuss what has been learned and what still seems to be a problem. Include an evaluation of what, if any, errors were made in the design and planning phases with regard to assumptions about human behaviour.
Could the later incident have been avoided if the lessons from the first incident would have been acted upon? Discuss the likelihood of this type of disaster occurring again.

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