Access Control Systems

Assignment 1
Access Control Systems (ACS) are used externally and internally for most businesses today, including high risk facilities, to protect their assets. The readers, electric locks & strikes can be placed on almost any door, wall or within the wall cavity, around buildings or can be pole mounted for vehicle access. Exterior devices must be resilient enough not only to withstand outdoor weather conditions, such as extreme heat, cold, dust, rain, sleet and snow, but also reliable enough to detect unauthorised users during such harsh environmental conditions. The devices must be matched to the conditions, client requirements, and functionality for the site.
You are to review the literature on barriers, locking devices, ancillaries, credentials and readers and discuss the efficacy of the technologies in ACS applications. This will require a detailed analysis of their principle of operation (the science behind them), their recommended environments for utilization, their strengths and weaknesses (vulnerability to defeat), and how these strengths and weaknesses may be overcome in a approach to the protection of assets.
Special Instructions
Word Limit-2000 Words
To successfully complete this assignment students must demonstrate a high level of research where a minimum of 30 references are utilized to establish an informed argument. Of these references as least half must stem from academic texts.
This paper will:
Provide you with experience in bringing together ideas to form new ideas which are valid and consistent in logic.
Provide you with practice in formal essay writing by expressing your argument in a coherent and reasoned manner.
Provide you with experience in supporting your argument by reference to readings, references, and other source materials.
In the essay you should use the following style:
Use HEADINGS and Subheadings in the essay to make the text easier to read.
Write sentences and paragraphs under the headings.
Use diagrams to illustrate your writing, and label as Figure 1: Title of the figure.
Use tables of data and information to summarise details, and label as Table 1: Title of the table.
The essay text should be grammatically correct, and free from spelling errors.
In this essay you should consider the following suggestions:
The structure of each of the responses to the parts of the assignment.
Where you will obtain the information to complete the assignment, and support your argument.
All information obtained from lecture notes, text, reference books, journals, etc. must be referenced, as you need to acknowledge where you obtained the information.

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