Academic [Short] Report

Assessment Title Written Assessment: Academic [Short] Report
Due Date: 6th May 2012

Weighting: 50%

Approximately 3000 words: +/- 10% (not including Executive Summary or Reference List)

Assignment 3 is in Short Report Format.
This assessment item relates to the course learning outcomes numbers 1 to 5 as listed on page 1.
learning outcomes:
1 demonstrate an understanding of the role of HRM in contemporary organisations
2 understand the internal and external organisational environments to which strategic HRM should be directed
3 evaluate the magnitude of multi-directional influences on strategic HRM, and how HR professionals can use these influences to effectively manage contemporary issues within organisations
4 enhance analytical skills appropriate to support the development of strategic HRM plans and policies
5 demonstrate appropriate research skills required for HRM practices.

It has been widely commented that “Human resource diversity is increasing in organisations globally. The levels of of international mobility, especially through migration, have increased, impacting upon the human resource management (HRM) strategies of firms.”
If you were asked, as a Human Resources consultant, to develop strategic HRM plans and policies for an organisation that is undergoing such changes, what key issues would you address (and why), especially in the fields of ethics and culture?
In your report, you are required to provide strategic recommendations on key HRM plans and policies that would best facilitate any potential change in the organisation’s HR profile.

You can choose to approach this from a generic sense or on an organisation of your choice.

NB A minimum of five (5) scholarly references are required for this assignment.

Reference Style: Harvard (author-date)

Report requirements
Your report must be professionally presented and contain the following:
Title page containing your name, student number, title of the assessment, word count. Your report should have headers, footers, and page numbers. Use Times New Roman 12pt font for the body text and you may choose the font and font size for your headers and sub-headers. Headers, footers and page numbers should not appear on the title page.

Executive summary
This summary states the purpose of the report and provides a summary of the entire report, including your recommendations and conclusions. This summary should not be any longer than 10% of the total word count. Try to avoid including any reference citations.

Table of contents
This should be automatically generated by Word (or similar software). The title page, executive summary and table of contents do not appear in this list.

This section discusses the purpose of the report and introduces the main issues that you will be discussing in the main body of the report

Main body of the report
This section contains the information that you have investigated during your research to answer the assessment question above. You should give this section and any sub-sections meaningful headings so that the reader can follow your discussion.
Conclusion and recommendations
This section contains the results of your analysis of your research. Do not introduce new reference citations in this section. You can draw on references you have used in the main body of the report.

Reference list
This section lists all resources that you have cited in your report. The reference list and citations in your report should follow the Harvard format. Do not list works that you have read and not cited. The Faculty uses the Harvard (Author/date) style of referencing (
Please note: A minimum of five (5) scholarly references are required for this assignment.

Assessment criteria
The assessment for both assignments is criterion-referenced. You will receive a total score of the marks and the corresponding grade that reflects how well your assignment has met the stated criteria that is displayed in the Assessment Criteria and Standards Matrix on the last page of this Course Profile. Marks will be rewarded on the basis of:
1. Knowledge and understanding 20
2. Evaluation 10
3. Research skills 10
4. Communication skills 10

The total mark for this assessment item is 50.
You are expected to read widely for this assignment, and not just rely on the textbook. In addition to the prescribed textbook, you should access scholarly material, including peer reviewed journal articles, chapters from edited books of readings, and books on specific topics pertaining to HRM and organisations. The reference lists in your textbook, as well as other textbooks, are good places to start when looking for further references. Reliance on websites or textbooks only is NOT an appropriate literature search and will not help you to achieve higher marks and/or grading.
Before starting your assignment, please review the Assessment Feedback Sheet and Assessment Criteria and Standards Matrix attached to this Course Profile. You should also read Chapters 1, 2 and 3 in the Faculty’s Guide for students at

If you are having difficulty with any aspect of the assignment, including uploading of the assignment, please contact your Lecturer as soon as possible.

All students are encouraged to use the Turnitin Feature to view their Turnitin Score before submitting.
Students are encouraged to use the forum to form a study group to discuss the case.

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