Academic Report

The objective of this case study is to provide a real logistics management situation. Imagine that you are
assisting in the business development of a new online retail business initiative and are asked to write a short
report about relevant logistics activities. The business background and the high level operations of the
business are described in the case study : Online Store. ( The case study is attached).
Refer to Chapter 6, of the Faculty Guide for Students (attached) for further information regarding analysis of case

In this instance the report must be formatted as a short report.
Chapter 4, of the Faculty Guide for Students describes the correct format for report writing.
The report must include a title page; an executive summary of no more than one page to preface the report
and a table of contents to give guidance to the reader as well as an introduction and a conclusion. Please use
appropriate headings for other chapters. It is acceptable to use diagrams, charts and tables in presenting your

Prepare, with reference to the literature, a report that explains the differences between online retailing and instore
retailing in regards to the optimal design of the new company’s Australian logistics activities of:
· Order management and customer service.
· Australian distribution centre design and operations.
· Physical distribution within Australia.
It is required that arguments are supported by academic journals, Australian government websites and
practical examples relevant to the logistics activities and the case study.

*Please read the making criteria before starting this assessment.

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