About TV effects custom essay

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I’m a student who studies in the United States. While living there, I was interested to know about the TV effects on people, and if it’s good or bad. For that purpose, I’ve stayed with American students and discussed that topic with them. Moreover, I’ve done a research on it and earned a lot of information about it. As a result, I decided to do a comparison between the United States and my country on that topic and discovered that the number of people who watch TV in the United States is twice as big comparing to my country (1). According to that, I realized that the impact of television could be higher in their country.

(1) . “Radio and Television.” History. A&E Television Networks, 2012. Web. 10 Apr 2012. .


this is an introduction.. you can fix it and add whatever related .. or delete

I don’t want too much of high level vocabularies ..
I would like you to use transition words ( furthermore, moreover, as a result… etc.)
if there are sentences related to any source write (IPid please in front of them)

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