ABM Report


During your summer vacation, you have secured a placement for AMB, a large company that trades internationally and is listed on the UK stock exchange. A new chief executive, Mary McDonald, has recently been appointed. She was headhunted from a large US corporation, where she had held the post of vice president, finance. She has moved internationally as she has become disillusioned with the strict rules based approach and litigious nature of corporate governance and audit in the US.

Tom Heath, your Director of Finance, is aware that you are studying for a degree in Finance & Accounting and is confident that you are aware of current issues. He has asked you to undertake some work prior to your placement starting, which he feels will also help you in your current studies.

In preparation for the new chief executives orientation programme, you have been asked to prepare a report that provides detailed key information on the concepts and principles of audit and corporate governance for listed companies, such as your employer.


You are required to write a report for the new chief executive addressing the concepts and principles behind the following:

Corporate governance
External Audit
Auditors professional codes of ethics and behaviour, including liability


In writing your report, remember the background of the chief executive is in US governance and procedures.

You need to make sure your research is supported with references to appropriate theory, including academic texts and professional and regulatory body reports. You should include a reference list for all sources referred to in the body of your work and detail all reading undertaken within your bibliography. The detail contained within any appendices does not form part of your word count.

Marks are allocated as follows:

Presentation and layout (including referencing) 20%
Development of discussions and analysis of academic materials 80%

Word count: 1,500 to 2,000 words. In order to obtain a good grade, it is likely that you will need to fully use your word count.

Hand in date is 30th March

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