A Role for Theory; that helps to explain public-policy origination, implementation, and/or execution Custom Essay

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Discuss one of theories we have studied (or that you have located in other resources) that helps to explain public-policy origination, implementation, and/or execution.
Do you believe generally that public policy theories have a role to play in the daily lives of policy practitioners? Is there much practical value for policy practitioners and policy analysts to understand different theories of public policy? Why or why not?
In examining your selected public policy theory, to what degree does that theory take into account modern sociological, political, and technological advances?
Some would argue that a practical-based public policy curriculum would help to better train practitioners in public policy rather than examining public policy theory. Others believe that a firm grounding in theory helps practitioners to understand the larger universe of how public policy is constructed. What are your feelings on the issue? Support your argument with citations from the text.

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