A resach projet in busness study aerea

Assignment remit
Yuo are required to conduct a reseach projet on a topic of your business study.
Portfolio activity1: 1. Think about a topic in business for a reseach project.
Portfolio activity2: Finding and using secondaiy reseach.
1. yuo are requied to find five related articles to complete this portfolio task. These all be related to one reseach area and have one or more themes in common. These articles should be on the area you have chosen.
2. using these articles produce a litterature matrix to show the themes relate to the articles.
Format : you are required to submit the litterature matrix table and an accurate and correctely presented reference list. You don’t need to follow college presentation guidelines except in the case of references.
Portfolio activity 3. Formalising the aim, objectives and rational.
– you are required to submit your proposal aim,objectives and rational for your reseach project.
Format : this must indicate how you will proceed with your reseach and provide evidence that reaseach aim is achievable. You are not required to follow college presentation guideline exept in the case of references.
The suggested word count 300-400 words.

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