A content analysis of banking web sites – Marketing Research Project – (review “ no survey needed)

Major Assignment

This assignment will be based around the proposal topic“ see above for a list of potential topics. Most research reports include the following elements:

Title Page (including disclaimer statement about how clients shouldn t hold the writer accountable, they are just recommendations)
Letter of Transmittal ( 1 page)
Executive Summary ( 1-2 pages)
Table of Contents
List of Tables/Graphs/Exhibits and Appendices
Problem Definition
Development of a research question / Background to the problem
Data Analysis
Results and discussion
Limitations and future research
Conclusions and recommendations
Reference List
Appendices (must include)
o Copies of correspondence to and from client (if applicable)
o Data collection forms (eg: approved surveys)
o Tables/raw data
o Detailed calculations (if used)
o Details of secondary research
o Any relevant literature/information you feel may be relevant

Use this text book in project,
Required text book:

– Wilson, A., Johns, R., Miller, K., Pentecost, R, 2010, Marketing Research An Integrated Approach (Pearson)

Recommended text books
– Molinari, J., 2006, Marketing Research Project Manual, McGraw Hill

– Pallant, L. (2002), SPSS Survival Manual, Allen & Unwin

– Coakes, 2006, SPSS Without Anguish, John Wiley and Sons (This book can be bundled with the SPSS software, allowing you access to the software at home / work).

* Also, use Academic journals article, and web sites

SEE attached for unit outline!

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