A Consolation Letter to Wiesel’s Night

The philosophical assignment is to write in first person letter to Elie WIESEL in response to his experience of evil in the Holocaust ( as describe in his book, Night). The letter should give him a consolation from a Christian point of view using the Apostolic Letter of John Paul II “Salvific Doloris.”
These letter should mention important points such as:
-God’s presence in the a situation where evil prevails (in the relationship as Elie’s father and him, the compassion between all Jewish, the solidarity between countries trying to find ways to liberate them, etc) .
-Suffering a way of bring goodness not only for the people who is living the situation but others , too. Jesus as an example of suffering that redeems and outstanding love.
-The two ways to overcome difficult situation of the two Rabbis (Rabbi Eliahou, sweetness and give comfort to others. On the other hand the other as negative, ” God has no mercy for internees)
-Dignity versus Dehumanizing
-Facing dead. As freedom or martyrdom.
-Also another people who weren’t Jewish also died, we can’t forget them too, we need to be out of ourselves, and see other people was suffering too.
-The importance of spirituality that guides us even in a difficult moments where we see evil.
-Questioning God is a sign of our belief and need to look for him.
-A relationship between evil, night and silent as absence of God.

The letter should offer Elie a consolation of the evil situation that he lived on the Holocaust from a Christian. Also It should address Elie’s experience and theories of evil form the Letter of John Paul II and the presence of God on that moments.

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