A comparison of Panel Interviews and Competency based Interviews as assessment methods for their suitability against customer service vacancies

Include an introduction of no more than 100 words which includes aims and objectives.

Project Outline:

“A critical stage within the recruitment process is concerned with the assessment of candidates. At this stage of the recruitment process, a range of applicants are assessed for their suitability against job vacancies.

Traditionally, candidates expect to apply for a position, attend one or more interviews and then receive an offer of employment which is subject to satisfactory references. (Taylor, 2008) Cook (2004) refers to these methods as the Classic Trio . Despite the popularity of this approach evidence suggests that other tools of selection have far greater predictive power and are fairer to candidates. (Taylor, 2008)

Throughout this investigation, the writer will analyse and compare Panel Interview and Competency Based Interviews. The advantages and disadvantages of each approach will be appraised in order to determine the effectiveness of their use at Camair-Co.”

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