A case managment pilot program to reduce hospital readmission for patients with heart failure.

The purpose of this assignment is a pre- planning for a Doctorate of Nurse Practice Comprehensive exam which is a scholarly paper and Capstone Scholarly Project. The course is research translation where research is translated into nursing practice.
The assignment is to provide a summary ofthe areas in which you intend to explore for the comprehensive exam and the capstone project. The summaries should define the subject area0 (heart failure) and proposed idea which is how a case managment program can reduce hospital readmision for patients with heart failure.

1. Comprehesnive exam focus (100 words) is a scholarly paper. The paper can either be a review and critique of the evidence concerning a practice problem or a paper that examines a theory.odel or conceptual framework and it’s application to a problem in the practice area. The problem is hospital readmission for patients with heart failure.

2. Capstone Scholarly Project Focus (100 words) the capstone scholarly project is a research translation project. Research Translation is the process by which published research evidence is moved into advance practice in nursing specialty to benefit a group, population, community at a particular practice site rather than an individual person or patient.

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