Choosing a Topic
Sometimes you are assigned research topics and other times you are asked to choose them yourself. What s important is that you have a focused topic which will be reasonable for you to manage. For this assignment you will choose from the topic listed on the attached sheet. Choose two topics which you might consider researching and identify those topics below.
Potential Topics:

Now, take another look at the topics above. Which do you feel most passionately about? Remember, if you aren t interested in the topic, chances are you won t produce an interesting paper. In order to decide which topic you will research you need to get an overview. An overview provides you with a basic understanding of a topic.
Go to the library and do some initial research. A good place to look might be the encyclopedia. Encyclopedias don t go into too much detail so they can help you to gain a quick understanding of something. Below record the source that provided you with your overview and indicate which topic you will be focusing on for your paper.

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