Trace the path of a labeled carbon atom through the biological processes of photosynthesis and respiration. The atom will start its journey inside a carbon dioxide molecule and it will end in the air inside a new carbon dioxide molecule. Your mission is to use your knowledge of photosynthesis and respiration to explain what happens to the carbon atom in these processes.
Assignment Instructions
Presentation should include the following:
Detailed descriptions of what happens to the carbon atom:
o during photosynthesis (the light-dependent reactions and the light-independent reactions)
o transitioning between photosynthesis and respiration
o during cellular respiration or fermentation
An explanation of how the carbon atom is transferred between molecules. Please include descriptions of the molecules involved in each of the processes above and be sure to mention the movement of electrons and energy as the carbon atom moves from one reaction to another.
Illustrations, diagrams, or images that help explain the carbon atom s journey.
o You can create your own images, or use images from websites or other sources.
o If you use premade images, you will need to give a reference of the source of that image and create your own unique caption to describe the image.
Presentation should be detailed and organized, but it can be presented in a variety of ways:
illustrated story
slide presentation
comic strip

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