Here is the fact pattern I want you to base your answer on:

You want the latest in mini laptop computers.
You find what you need by searching on the Internet.
The seller is in Taiwan.
You negotiate a deal with the seller over the Internet and buy the computer.
The seller agrees to ship you the computer by boat.

Answer this Question:
What terms (words) would you insist be in the Sales Contract so you would not bear the Risk of Loss?
Explain in detail (provide the words; say why you used them).
Use the following to guide you:
My Lecture: (see attachment)
Risk of Loss (Chapter 19) Mallor, Barnes, Business Law, The Ethical, Global, and E-Commerce Environment, 15th edition (
Risk of Loss
Risk of Loss in International Sales& nbsp;
[ Note: The more specific; the more terms correctly discussed, compared and/or contrasted; and the better your explanation / analogy, the better your grade.]

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