1.) Describe the ten key decision areas of Operations Management and apply them to an organisation. Give examples of how two of the ten areas are important to the success of that organisation.

2.) Using an annotated diagram show the links between OPS MGT and the other functional departments of an organisation, and highlight the each of the relationships with an example.

3 a) Explain the factors that affect the strategy decision (cost, quality or responsiveness) for an organisation. Consider the mission of the organisation and discuss whether the chosen strategy serves the organisation well.

b) Describe how the strategy chosen (in part a above) affects the organisation in regard to assets, human resources, and finance. 9marks

4.) Identify and discuss the type of production strategy for a named organisation. Include two advantages and two disadvantages of the system used.

5.) Define the capacity of a system. (design capacity, effective capacity, efficiency and utilisation).
Give a clear explanation of how these measurements assist the Operations managers in decision making, including examples.

6.) Choose a large business organisation that has a global scope and a website and using information from that website decide on the international strategy shown by that business. Support your decision with at least three examples from the website.

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