5 summaries folio 1

instructions attached.


è·¯ 5 business news items (originals or copies) from FEBRUARY only

è·¯ 5 summaries (one for each news item; length as described)(DO NOT copy!)

è·¯ 5 Harvard Format references (one for each item)

è·¯ NB: summaries and references MUST be typed. Submission must be on A4, single-sided paper; stapled, top left. Summaries must use 1.5 line spacing.

There are THREE (3) articles that must be used for Folio 1 (see above these instructions).


è·¯ Sources must be selected from a range of business and commerce sources. Sources must be recent (from FEBRUARY only). The sources must comprise of data and information about financial and business matters from a combination of:

搂 Newspaper articles (from 3 or more DIFFERENT newspapers)

搂 Online news items (from 3 or more DIFFERENT news sources).

è·¯ You must provide a summary for each source. Summaries are 120-150 words; therefore the source must be at least 400 words in length.

è·¯ The source must be attached and must be legible and complete. The source should be in its original format. Do not change it to Word or similar. It should have clear source details.

è·¯ The correct reference (Harvard format) for the source must be provided at the end of each summary.

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