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The reality is that there are hundreds of writings agencies that offer research paper example and other custom writing services. These agencies are honest up to a certain point. Most of their research paper examples and custom writing services are offered to other students as well. Research paper examples can be made available to other students but custom writing is a sensitive issue. This is because a research paper example can be used by several students as a guide to assist them writer a similar but not the exact piece of work.

On the other hand, custom writing should be strict enough in the manner that every custom article provided should be 100% unique and original. Funny enough it is true that some of the writing agencies take advantage of the newer students. This is because most of them are not yet familiar with the strict measures that should be strictly followed like issues concerning plagiarism and the perfect plagiarism software’s that their tutors use to detect ‘copied’ assignments. In addition, the process used by the clients to get any research paper examples and any custom writing services is crucial. Moreover after you finally get the access in getting the research paper example or a certain custom writing service or custom written article, a number of your questions are left unanswered!
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