39. Alternative method of protecting Slope Stability

Students are reminded that the project must be chosen on oer before week two
and approved by the lecturer.
A project work program is due on Monday Week 4 before 9.00am, (around
1000 words & typed one) and should contain the following:
1. Title
2. Aim and purpose.
3. Limits if the investigation. (How wide ranging?)
4. Information readily available. (Starting point)
5. Other sources of information.
6. Any field survey or investigation proposed.
7. Expected outcome for the final report.
8. Any cost involved and how much?
9. Work break down structure with appropriate
time scale in the form of a Bar chart/Gant chart
10. List of possible references

A. The work program should be written in report style and not like an essay.
B. It should convey information clearly and quickly.
C. Report should be typed and professionally submitted.
D. Any emotional words (eg. I) must be avoided.

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