2.7 Appraisal form

University of Bedfordshire Business School

Student Appraisal Form
Your Name:

Your Managers (Pod Staff):

Appraisal Period: Phase 2

Your Achievements

Summarise briefly here what you have achieved in Phase 2.

Objectives and Progress in Phase 2

In this phase, we set you three broad objectives for you to refine to your own specific aim, and asked you to pick up another objective from Phase 1 and another of your choice if you wanted to:

Work effectively in a team
Demonstrate effective written communications skills
Demonstrate professional presentation skills
Phase 1 objective
Objective of your choice

The full objectives for the first three are set out below and you will find more detail which you added in the Phase 1 appraisal you completed. Go back to your completed appraisal to look again at the objectives you set yourself, the actions you planned to achieve them and how you were going to measure your progress against these aims.

Appraise your progress in the section below and then go on to set your objectives for the remainder of the year in the following section.

Your action plan

What did you achieve?

Where did you fall short of your objective and plan? Why?
Objective as set by your managers (pod staff)
Outline what you planned to do to progress against each objective.
What did you achieve against each objective? Give examples of what you were pleased with, how you made progress.

Analyse (explain) why you fell short of what you needed or wanted to achieve on some of the objectives. Consider particularly what you could have done differently.
Work effectively in a team “ eg listen to others, meet commitments made to others, help others to contribute, appreciate abilities of others, develop effectiveness in your preferred team role, experiment with other team roles

Demonstrate effective written communications skills in writing case studies, academic referencing, presenting financial data

Demonstrate professional presentation skills

An objective from Phase 1 you still need to work on “ please name it

Your own objective (optional)

Phases 3 and 4

Now think about how to improve your learning and performance in the future. The skills we focussed on in this phase will be used again and built on in the rest of the year. Based on your analysis of learning and performance in this phase, what do you plan to do to improve? Be really specific about what you need to do differently.

Bear in mind that you now have:

Phase 3 “ a largely individual experience with little group work and a large individual essay assignment
Your new, degree-specific units
Phase 4 in which you return to group projects

In different ways all these offer opportunities to deepen a number of skills you have worked on so far including group work, presentations, analysis, written communication, referencing, time management and so on, the generic skills which help with all your studying. Think about where you want to improve. Remember that building strengths is as important as addressing weaknesses.

What are you going to do to achieve this objective?
What would help you achieve this objective?

How will you judge whether you have met the objective?
Set out four or five objectives for yourself.
Remember to be really specific. It isn t enough to make a new phase resolution. You need to think about how your behaviour should be different and to be realistic about your own personality.

You could consider help from your managers (pod staff), help you could request from group members, reading, PAD classes, workshops etc.

Objective 1:

Objective 2

Objective 3

Objective 4
Objective 5 (optional)

Other Information you Would Like Considered in this Appraisal

Manager s Comments

To be completed by your pod staff.

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